Spotlight on Holmewood Cricket Club

Spotlight on Holmewood Cricket Club

The Holmewood Colliery Cricket Club was formed from the Hardwick Colliery Cricket Club in 1956. The earliest record of the Hardwick Club was a game in 1857 played within the Hardwick Hall grounds. The club moved to the Colliery Ground in Holmewood at the turn of the century continuing to play friendly games.

In 1919 Hardwick Colliery Cricket club joined the Derbyshire Cricket League and after winning the league in four successive years moved to the Bassetlaw League in 1932. In 1937 Hardwick Colliery Cricket asked and were accepted back in the Derbyshire League.

From 1945 and until 1955 the club continued to play under the name of Hardwick Colliery Cricket Club. In 1956 the club was reconstituted as Holmewood MW CC and joined the North Derbyshire Cricket League. Following successful seasons in this league the club moved to the Bassetlaw and District Cricket League in 1963.

The club remained in the Bassetlaw league until 2007 when their application was to join the Derbyshire County Cricket League was accepted.

From the start of the century until 1979 the club played on the Holmewood Colliery ground based at Williamthorpe Colliery, Pit Lane, Holmewood. In 1979 Derbyshire County Council purchased the colliery ground to build a trading estate and re- provided a new recreational ground in the centre of the village.

In 2007 the club was successful in a grant application to the Coalfields Regeneration Trust for the provision of a new pavilion adjacent to the cricket ground. Since that time the members have been steadily improving facilities with new sightscreens and roller being in place for the 2018 season.

The club runs two adult teams on Saturdays who compete in the Derbyshire County Cricket League Divisions 4 and 7; and a Sunday XI in the Mansfield and District Cricket League.

We are a small, but very friendly club and welcome any new members that are interested in playing the game of cricket.

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