Stripped cable dumped on Searston Avenue Play Area

Stripped cable dumped on Searston Avenue Play Area

The Parish Council are seeking any information regarding a fly tipping incident that took place over the 18th/19th January 2020 weekend.

Fly tipping is a crime that blights our communities, it's unsightly, can be hazardous and can lead to injuries both to the public and wildlife and is costly to remove. Legal action can be taken against householders whose waste is tipped illegally (whether they know about it or not), which can end up with a fine of up to £50,000 and/or twelve months imprisonment for those found guilty of fly tipping.

Should you have any information please contact the Parish Clerk at or 01246 857261.

If you witness an incident of fly-tipping the following action should take place:

• Make a note of any vehicle used, including model, colour and registration number. If it is safe to do so without being seen, take a photograph or video of the activity
• Note the fly tippers' clothes, and distinguishing features. If you can hear the fly tippers, take note of anything which was said along with the speakers' accents
• Make a note of what they dumped, the location, weather conditions and how far away you were at the time.
• Use North East Derbyshire District Council's online form to report it:

Posted: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 13:53 by Website Team

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