Welcome to Derbyshire Kitchen

Welcome to Derbyshire Kitchen

Welcome to the Christmas edition of Derbyshire Kitchen

It's not too late to bake a cake!

Worried it's now too late to bake a Christmas cake? Fear not! Check out this last minute Christmas cake recipe which is a great way for using up tea bags that may be approaching their use by date and other store cupboard ingredients.

Christmas dinner – be prepared!

If you don't like the idea of being in the kitchen all Christmas day why not make some of the trimmings in advance and freeze them? Here's a few ideas for starters:

  • Stuffing is a great way to use up any bread that's in danger of going stale. Try this easy sage and onion stuffing
  • Roast potatoes – give yourself a head start by parboiling and freezing. Then you can make your roasties directly from frozen on Christmas Day and they should be crispy, golden and delicious.
  • Pigs in blankets – You can wrap your sausages in their bacon blankets and freeze them. Best to freeze on a baking tray then pop them into a bag once frozen to stop them sticking together.

Festive treats using store cupboard ingredients

We often have ingredients in the cupboard like flour and spices that we may not use every day. Here's a recipe to use these ingredients to make edible Christmas tree decorations

Hopefully your children will love making and eating them!

It's best to store flour in an airtight container to keep it fresher for longer. Spices and herbs have a best before date on them. They are safe to eat after this date but you may want to use a little more.

Give a cluck about food waste

The amount of poultry thrown away each year in UK homes is enough to make 800 million Boxing Day curries! Don't let any go to waste this Christmas. If you have leftovers you could add them to this basic vegetable curry or try this pie which you can make with turkey, chicken or ham.

If you can't eat it any poultry leftovers within a couple of days then you can freeze them - you can freeze poultry for up to a year.

For more turkey recipes visit Love Food Hate Waste.

Ways to waste less this Christmas

Check out Christmas recycling for ideas and inspiration to make this Christmas your greenest ever including plenty of food saving tips. Here are a few ideas for starters:

  • Take a look at our 50 ways to make food go furthercampaign and Love Food Hate Waste for food and money saving ideas for throughout the year.
  • Make or buy fabric napkins for your festive dinner table instead of paper as they can be washed and used again.
  • Buy reusable Christmas crackers that slide open instead of tear and fill with your own gifts.
  • Get gift experiences for your loved ones such as theatre, cinema or concert tickets rather than more stuff.
  • Treat a green-fingered friend to one of our compost bins or water butts at special prices. You could even get an extra one for yourself at half price!
  • Check out charity shops for gifts.
  • Buy someone greener travel using buses and trains. Find out about multi-journey and season tickets

Hot Christmas Punch for all the family!

Did you know that 120,000 tonnes of fruit juice and smoothies are wasted in the UK every year? We have a great non-alcoholic recipe that uses up apple, orange and cranberry juice and turns it into a mulled juice for everyone to enjoy this Christmas. Great for children and designated drivers!

Here's how to make it along with other delicious recipes for:

  • Christmas chocolate fudge cake
  • Turkey, ham and leek pie
  • Cranberry brownies using leftover cranberry sauce

WIN a slow cooker

Lynne from Clowne was the lucky winner of a soup maker in the autumn edition of Derbyshire Kitchen. She correctly answered the question on the temperature range a fridge should be at. The answer was between 0-5 0c. Thank you to everyone that took part.

Now's your chance to win a slow cooker. Perfect for comforting stews and, well all sorts really from Bolognese and curry to a joint of meat- who knew a slow cooker was so versatile. And it's great for using up leftovers too!

For your chance to win tell us in 50 words or less how you plan to waste less food in 2020. Email your answer to wastemanagement@derbyshire.gov.uk

The closing date for the competition is midnight on Sunday 5 January 2020.

Normal competition terms and conditions apply.

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