What a first day ... we have had an amazing start to our communal Garden with MacIntyre and their wonderful Clients, also some fantastic residents came along to help us.

Nigel Barker opened the Garden for our day 1 ...Breaking ground day, and donated £300.00 towards the project.

Ward waste management saved the Day by generously providing a skip at the last minute after we were let down by another company so a massive thank you to Tracey at Ward.

Quad Doctor UK provided us with labourers so again a big Thank You to Gavin at Quad Doctor UK and his lovely volunteers.

we achieved a lot in our first day... managing to fill a skip and clearing a large majority of weeds and grass.

It really has been a great show of team work and real community spirit.

click here to see the amazing photos and videos of the communal Garden, with a massive Thank you to Paul at Oxomedia for the ongoing media and promotion of the project ...

I must say on a personal note that "I am very excited about bringing the community together through our communal garden."

"Working with Groups such as, MacIntyre, local residents and businesses is inspiring and personally rewarding. I am very excited about the next 12 months and look forward to more days like today."

Anyone wishing to be apart of the project whether an individual resident , Group or business wishing to volunteer some time, skills, materials, or just want to come have a look and a chat we will be around on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am - 3pm

Day 2 event will be on the

17th July 10am until 3pm

Come along and Join Us ...